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Jeremy, Rick, Phil, John Dec 2012

House band Just East

Jeremy, Rick, Phil, John Dec 2012

Jeremy Shoham

Jeremy, Rick, Phil, John Dec 2012

Phil Scragg

Jeremy, Rick, Phil, John Dec 2012

Rick Finlay

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item2The Chandos Arms

First and third Sunday of every month

Live music

Delicious home-cooked roasts and burgers

Warm welcome

Chandos Arms Jazz has entertained our growing North London audience with the following wonderful musicians in recent months:

Bob Haddrell: keys

Andy Panayi: sax

Maciek Pysz: guitar

Liane Carroll: piano/vocals

Pete Oxley & Nic Meier: guitars

Dave O'Higgins: saxophone

Geoff Castle: keys

Sarah Moule & Simon Wallace: vocals and piano

Adam Glasser: harmonica

Simon Spillett: saxophone

Marco Marconi: piano

Nick Payn: saxophone

Ed Jones: sax

Lily Dior: vocal

Mark Adelman: piano

Stewart Curtis: sax/clarinet

John Parricelli: guitar

Leon Greening: piano

Jim Mullen: guitar

Martin Speake: saxophone

Jonathan Gee: piano

John G Smith: piano

Jamie Safiruddin: piano

Phil Hopkins: harmonica

Rob Barron: piano

Anita Wardell: vocals

Derek Nash: saxophones

Ian Shaw: vocals

Christian Brewer: saxophone

Hugh Burns: guitar

Rachel Sutton: vocals

Julian Marc Stringle: clarinet/saxes/vocals

Gunther Kürmayr: piano

Tim Richards: piano

Gilad Atzmon: saxophone

Judessa Jazz: Roland Perrin's latest ensemble

Mitch Dalton: guitar

John Altman: saxophones

Roger Beaujolais: vibes

Al Cherry: guitar

Sean Hargreaves: piano

John Etheridge: guitar

Roberto Manzin: sax

Roland Perrin: piano

Dexter Moseley: vocals

Just East: your very own house band

and many other visitors sitting in…


…we thank them all for joining us…

…please do keep coming back to hear the very best UK musicians!